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Assessing the Costs and Impacts of Migration Policy: An International Comparison
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Issues related to international migration now confront policymakers
throughout the world. There have been few comparative studies of national
policy evaluation approaches, methodologies and implementation mechanisms,
and very little analysis on how much countries are actually spending on
migration programmes. The study is very timely as it describes and compares
the ways in which some of the major immigration countries in the world and
some key international bodies assess the costs and impacts of their
migration policies and programmes. An innovative feature of the publication
is its comparison of government spending on migration programmes.


Migration and Climate Change
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This report focuses on the possible future scenarios for climate change,
natural disasters and migration and development, looking to increase
awareness and find answers to the challenges that lie ahead. It states that
even though it is defined as growing crisis, the consequences of climate
change for human population are unclear and unpredictable. The study points
out that scientific basis for climate change is increasingly well
established, and confirms that current predictions as to the «carrying
capacity» in large parts of the world will be compromised by climate


Climate Change and Migration: Improving Methodologies to Estimate Flows
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Recent empirical studies have found that climate variability and migration
are characterized by a non-linear relationship. This study explores the
climate change impacts on migratory processes. It outlines the key elements
of natural and human induced climate change of potential relevance to
migration, discusses the current state of debate about the relationship
between climate change and migration, and describes possible approaches and
methodologies with which to further our understanding of climate
change-related migration.


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