My name is Fernando Trujillo Sáez. I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Granada. I grow and learn at Conecta13, spin-off of the UGR. My main research topics are Education and Language Learning. I learn everywhere. I read and write whenever I can. I speak when I am invited to. I like listening. Address: #Moving

I hold a PhD in English Philology, with a dissertation on Contrastive Rhetorics. I belong to the Department of Literature and Language Teaching of the University of Granada and I work at the Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology of Ceuta, where I was the Vicedean of Research and International Relations from 2000 to 2008. There I also coordinate the Research Group “Open Knowledge for Social Action”. Since 2012 I have formed part of the University Senate and since 2016 I am a member of the Governing Council of the University of Granada.

About me

I have been a member of the Advisory Board of Language Politics of the Government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and also a member of the Council for the Elaboration of School Language Project of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. I designed the School Language Project for the Autonomous Organism for the European Educational Programs during 2011/12. Additionally, I coordinated the School Language Project for the Government of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia during 2013/14 and 2014/15.

I have conducted courses for the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education of the Andalusian Regional Government and the Cervantes Institute, among other institutions, and given lectures at various national and international universities and teacher training centres throughout the country. In 2017 I received the I University of Granada-Caja Rural de Granada Award for Communication and Innovation in Digital Media (2016 Edition).

I currently co-direct the Master’s Degree in Health Promotion and Community Health, taught by the Andalusian School of Public Health and the University of Granada. I have been visiting professor at the University of Cordoba and the University of Navarra. I am guest lecturer at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Universidad Carlos III and Universidad de Mondragón.

For the private sector I have coordinated the training within the Samsung Smart School programme during the 2015-2016 academic year and I have designed the MOOCs on Project Based Learning and on ScolarTIC’s Linguistic Project and Foreign Language Didactics. I have also given lectures organised by Acción Magistral, Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Mapfre and private institutions such as Santillana, Pearson or Edebé, among others. For Fundación ProFuturo (Fundación Telefónica + Fundación La Caixa) I have coordinated the design of the «Global Framework of Competence for Learning and Educating in the Digital Age», which has been translated into English, French and Portuguese and is used in the 40 countries where this Foundation operates.

My lines of research and interest are language teaching, interculturality, the educational use of ICT, competence-based curriculum and integrated task- and project-based teaching. In order to develop them, I am part of the research group HUM-840 «Open Knowledge for Social Action», of which I am the coordinator. I have participated, among other projects, in the research of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission «COVID and Education 2020-21». My latest book is entitled «Learning and teaching in times of confinement» and has been published in September 2020 by Editorial Los Libros de la Catarata.

I am a founding partner and scientific advisor of Conecta13, a spin-off of the University of Granada dedicated to consultancy on education, professional development and ICT.